Waxing - Things to know

Waxing - Things to know

11 Mar, 2016By Kayaloma

Waxing - Things to know

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Waxing is a process that implements natural waxes and essential oils to help you achieve desirable hair removal results. These rituals give a customer the greatest sense of comfort and are also extremely effective. There is some information you should know before choosing to use this wax service.

  1. What type of wax do the professionals at this spa typically use?

    Most often, the professionals at the spa and salon use a wax that is removed with a cloth strip. If you have sensitive skin, hard wax is an option you can consider. This will cause minimal irritation to the skin.

  2. Are there any precautions I should consider before using the wax service?

    You should arrive with at least 1/4" growth for the best results. You should also refrain from tanning 24-hours prior to wax service. This will ultimately help you achieve the most desirable results when you use the plant wax program and essential oils.